Beverages and Logistics Warehouse Support

Job Description:

The AFE Beverages and Logistics Department is responsible for the beverage program (alcoholic and nonalcoholic – ordering, stocking, packing, counting), AFE catering equipment (ordering, stocking, packing, purchasing), and vehicle maintenance. With the recent growth of this department’s responsibilities, a support person is necessary to the efficiency, functionality, and further development of the department. The support person would aid the Beverages and Logistics Manager and Coordinator in all aspects of their primary duties. A willingness to help with whatever task is asked, a proactive nature to identify projects and solutions before asked, and the drive to go the extra mile to ensure the success of the AFE and Revaire event, is fundamental to the support person’s role. This person would have a desk station for computer work, but a lot of tasks and responsibilities will be done in the warehouse.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Hourly support for the Beverages and Logistics Department
  • Tasks to include the pulling of AFE beverages, packing of items for offsite and onsite events, constant inventory of items, restocking of items post-event, vehicle maintenance, and gas, collaboration with Warehouse and Rental Department and overlapping duties
  • The support person must be a fast, detailed, and flexible worker. No day will be the same and often unforeseen and unexpected tasks are asked of the department. To ensure the success of the event, the support person should jump on the request, identifying help if needed or tackling task independently
  • Positive and proactive attitude
  • Fast-paced worker. Efficiently while maintaining accuracy is vital to the department
  • The ability to lift heavy equipment around a warehouse and be on your feet for long hours is required
  • The warehouse is unairconditioned. We provide an AC office space and several ceiling fans circulate airflow throughout the warehouse constantly.
  • Employment Requirements: Because this employee will be driving AFE vehicles for errands and repair, a clean driving record and valid driver’s license is required. A Criminal and Motor Vehicle Background Screening is run on all AFE potential hires.

Description of Package:

  • Hours needed per week are largely dependent on the event calendar.
  • Daily office hours for the Manager and Coordinator of the department are 9am-5:30pm.
  • Weekend hours are expected of team when duties and events require
  • Runner coverage also expected during event hours (weekday, weeknights, weekends)

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