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Culinary Assistant and Caterease Administrator

The Culinary Assistant role is to maintain the daily operations of the culinary department by acting as the communication liaison for the chefs and the sales teams, handling all administrative tasks, ensuring protocols and procedures are established and followed for the culinary department. This role reports directly to the Executive Chef.

The Caterease Administrator role includes daily management, performance monitoring, security, and troubleshooting of Caterease. Assists the Director of Operations to oversee process improvement, controls for specialized software, and other functions enabling the departments and company to meet objectives effectively. The scope of responsibility includes decisions made with a thorough understanding of procedures, company policies, and business practices to achieve maximum efficiency. This role reports to the Director of Operations.

Culinary Assistant responsibilities

  • Assisting Executive Chef in scheduling events and kitchen prep
  • Responds to all custom menu requests and supports chefs in menu development
  • Help Chefs maintain email inbox responses and organization
  • Responsible for printing ingredient sheets and any re-prints
  • Saving all event-related prints to the related files in Caterease
  • Approving and updating change order requests

Caterease Administrator Responsibilities

  • Acts as system administrator for specialized Caterease software utilized by the company to store and organize company data and support its operations
  • Makes any menu item modifications as requested by the sales or culinary teams
  • Creates custom menu items requested by sales with the ingredient and pricing breakdowns from culinary
  • Closes all events on the calendar 5 days out
  • Completes all change order requests once the events are closed
  • Unlocks events for invoicing, if needed, the day after the event (or on Monday if the event is on the weekend)
  • Adds newly created menu items to the system
  • Prepares and provides training and reference material to assist users
  • Trains all employees and new hires in how to properly utilize Caterease and on policies, procedures, processes, administration, and governance
  • Monitors and updates all Caterease documentation and cheat sheets to keep them current
  • Updates the holiday schedule in Caterease at the beginning of each year
  • Updates company goals to track at the beginning of each year

skills & Experience

  • Minimum of 1-year experience in the catering and/or event planning industry
  • Highly detailed
  • Proficiency in the Microsoft Suite Products
  • Driven, creative, and passionate about customer service and the event industry
  • Self-directed in a team environment
  • Thrives in a fast-paced, high-volume work environment
  • Collaborative worker who trusts the expertise of fellow departments
  • Ability to solve problems involving several options in situations
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Manages time, projects, and deadlines efficiently and independently
  • Direct and intuitive communication skills
  • Ability to effectively present information

description of package

  • Compensation structure and benefit packages offered are candidate dependent and will be outlined in the interview process.
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