Ryan Bouillet

Ryan thrives on A Fare Extraordinaire’s encouragement of the creative process of cooking and loves the challenge of presenting classic dishes in a new way. Born into a military family with a Japanese mother and French father, Ryan’s appreciation for cultural and culinary diversity grew throughout his childhood across Europe and the United States. Ryan spent countless hours with his maternal Japanese grandmother and attributes to her his love for culinary creativity. When cooking for his family, he enjoys marrying the flavors and traditions of his Japanese, French, and American roots with those of his wife’s Jewish heritage.

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2003, Ryan immediately moved to California to begin his career at the prestigious Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel where he trained in the art of traditional French cooking. Seeking to expand his career, Ryan shifted to the Lake Austin Spa and Resort, perfecting clean, healthy, and special dietary cuisine. Again looking to diversify his career, Ryan moved to New Orleans as the Sous Chef at acclaimed Café Adelaide, a Brennan Family Restaurant, and honed his Creole and Southern style cooking. Provided with the opportunity to cook for various palettes and themes, Ryan builds on his diverse culinary experience to explore new flavors, techniques, and presentation ideas.

Ryan’s talents have earned him an invitation to cook at the nationally acclaimed James Beard House and garnered AFE local accolades such as winning the Draughts and Dogs Hot Dog Challenge and the nationally recognized Go Pig or Go Home People’s Choice Award, as well as leading a live cooking demonstration during Super Bowl Live and preparing dinners for the King of Swaziland, Queen of Ethiopia, and Princess of Belgium.

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