For almost 4 decades, we have been privileged to work with the finest social, nonprofit, and corporate clients. Many have been partnering with us since 1985, and we have been fortunate to work with some families for generations. Beyond our dear social clients, here are just a few of the corporate and nonprofit groups with which we are honored to partner.

What our clients are saying about us!

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Private Client

I think AFE is the very best catering company in Houston. The food and drink were of the highest quality, and the service was outstanding. Also, after the event, clean up was completed in the blink of an eye. Thank you for all you did to make the shower for my granddaughter an event to remember!

Events Manager at Local Non-Profit

AFE team,

You did it again – you knocked it out of the park! Last night’s event was out of this world. The food was exceptional (guests even started asking for recipes!), and the staff was fast, flexible, and FANTASTIC. I am probably a broken record about how amazing Leigh is but she deserves every accolade. She is truly a gem!

I am at ease every time I know AFE is involved in an event, thank you for making our jobs so easy!

Lots of love, and three cheers for MORE events to come!

Private Client

I will not let this morning slip by without telling you, or try to tell you, just how FABULOUS, FESTIVE, WARM, DELICIOUS, BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT the evening you created for us was.

It was without doubt the happiest and most fun party we have ever had, and aside from the wedding at the farm, the best party WE’VE ever had and it was all thanks to you and your terrific team.

Loved, loved, loved the look, the flowers, the bar outside… and oh my god, that food… just fabulous… rave reviews from all. And your staff is absolutely the BEST. Everyone so gracious, professional and the best anywhere. Would you mind giving me the name of the chef… such a nice, quiet culinary genius he is. I would like to thank him.

Louboutin Boutique Galleria

The catering team was nothing short of outstanding. They showcased their expertise by delivering a truly unique and memorable experience for our clients. AFE has consistently proven their ability to elevate our events and provide a delightful culinary journey. The bar setup was executed seamlessly thanks to the exceptional care and precision demonstrated by the delivery team. They not only ensured the safe transportation of the bar but also took the extra effort to clean and polish it, ensuring it looked its best before the catering staff took charge. Every detail was handled with meticulous attention.

Private Client

AFE was perfect for the private catering event at our home. They did exactly what they said they would do, and made it so easy, enjoyable and seamless for us. Their priority is the customer, the food is delicious, the presentation gorgeous and the personal touches heart warming. They truly listen and care and I can’t recommend them enough. I would and will work with them again…and again.

Private Client

I absolutely love A Fare Extraordinaire! They literally have the best staff and delicious food! They have saved me on so many occasions! I’ve used them for kids birthday parties, adult birthdays, and a work event! The staff is highly professional and I love seeing them all around town! What makes them special is the care and attention they give! Even when I see staff from AFE at another event they always say hello and take care of my needs even when I’m not hosting the event!!!!!!! Can’t say enough how much I love them!!!!!

AFE Bride

Used this fabulous company for my wedding and could not have asked for anything better. They treat you like family and want your event to be perfect as if it were their own. There is no other caterer in Houston I’d recommend!

Private Client

We were very happy with the way the dinner party turned out. Everyone stayed longer than we expected, so they must have been having a good time as well. Simon and I thought that the staff did an extraordinary job. They were pleasant and totally on top of things. They anticipated every need and everything was beautifully clean at the end of the evening, too! The food was delicious. I particularly enjoyed the passed appetizers and the Campechana. Delicious!

Private Client

I have never been to a party done by A Fare Extraordinaire that wasn’t incredibly well thought-out and personalized. They take their jobs so very seriously and you can see it in their product. The food is incredible, staff amazing, and attention to detail unlike anything I’ve seen. When you’re working with their team they make you feel like your party is the most important thing happening in their business, even if it’s a small party comparatively speaking. Love this company!

AFE Bride

AFE did my wedding and it was OVER THE TOP AMAZING. They thought of every detail down to a sushi bar and heart shaped grilled cheeses. They organized a quick private dinner for us after the ceremony – before we greeted our guests. A moment I will never forget. We also had a dedicated server there to provide us with whatever we needed all night long. They are the best at what they do and I would highly recommend them.

Private Client

AFE has helped us with several events through the years. Each time the service, food, flowers and decorations have been outstanding.

AFE Bride

We absolutely love AFE! They catered both our engagement party and our wedding (and have catered a number of events for my parents) and the food is always incomparable. It’s like getting high-quality, incredibly delicious food from your favorite restaurant, but served to you at a party! All of our wedding guests RAVED about how good the food was. They were flexible and creative. We have been spoiled to have the same awesome ladies from AFE get to know us well and take great care of us, always saving some of our favorites for us. AFE learned what our favorite foods were and then found ways to make them extra fun at the wedding— dance floor chicken sandwich and waffle fry delivery? YES PLEASE! We also had an AFE attendant specifically for my husband and me, to make sure we were hydrated, well-fed, and taken care of. Excellent service, from the booking process to the whole wedding!

One very unexpected piece of feedback we got from our guests was that the bathroom attendant in the ladies room was INCREDIBLE. Seriously, several people actually told us that. Now that is how great AFE is at making your day better – staffing even the bathroom with someone with an awesome personality!!

Not only is the food insanely good, but AFE was so awesome and accommodating and worked with us to perfect every aspect of the food, from the hors d’oeuvres to the appetizers, the main course and the after dinner snacks. We can not recommend AFE enough for catering any kind of event. And we can’t wait to book them again!

Private Client

The staff that worked with us were impeccable. Especially the gentleman in charge of the midway games area- he went above and beyond to help us when we didn’t even ask.

On top of that, last night, your Event Manager made our entertainers so comfortable; she was warm and friendly and showed the singing waiters the best positions and areas, and made them feel part of the fantasy that was being created. In fact, one guest said, “this is so fabulous, waiters who can sing like this!”. She helped them contribute to the illusion.

It’s as if everyone knows we are working together for the best results. That’s not always the case. From a vendor perspective, thank you very much. Your group is stellar.

I don’t know how you do it, but you might just have the best staff in Houston.