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The Operations Assistant will support A Fare Extraordinaire executives, including the CEO and Owner, Director of Operations, Director of People and Culture, and Staffing Manager. This role will act as an Executive Assistant to the CEO and Owner. The role will also offer database support to the Director of Operations, as well as HR support for the Director of People and Culture and Staffing Manager. About 50% of this role will be dedicated to Operations, with the rest of the time split between EA and HR/Staffing responsibilities.

Above all else, the ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail and be able to prioritize concurrent projects.


  • Act as a system administrator for Caterease software, utilized by the company to store and organize company and event data
  • Make menu item modifications as requested by the sales or culinary teams
  • Input approved custom menu and beverage items
  • Ensure recipe ingredients are linked appropriately and supporting documentation is completed
  • Complete event change requests in Caterease
  • Add newly created menu items to the system
  • Manage locking and unlocking events in system for edits based on event calendar
  • Keep backend and front end Caterease managers organized and accurate with current inventories and offerings
  • Monitor and update all Caterease documentation and cheat sheets to keep them current
  • Update costs and pricing alongside Director of Operations quarterly and/or as needed
  • Work with Marketing Specialist to schedule tasting photoshoots and upload food and beverage photos
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and resolving complex inquiries and requests, along with the Director of Operations, from internal and external clients
  • Lead and facilitate Caterease communication of best practices, policies, procedures, and initiatives to support company operations
  • Maintain systems by researching and resolving problems, maintaining system integrity and security
  • Fulfill all helpdesk emails for adjusting settings or troubleshooting in the system


  • Assisting CEO and Owner in professional and personal tasks
  • Planning CEO and Owner’s personal events
  • Coordinating with facilities team on building maintenance
  • Assisting with CEO and Owner property maintenance, both in and out-of-state
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Manage budgets and bookkeeping for multiple projects, both personal and professional


  • Professionally handle confidential information
  • Work with Staffing Manager to create staff assignments for events
  • Assist Staffing Manager with event timesheets and staff check-ins
  • Help with staff uniforms, including scheduling dry cleaning, organizing the uniform closet, and keeping uniform inventory updated
  • Help with file maintenance, scanning, and organization

skills & Experience

  • Highly detailed, accurate, observant, and organized
  • Adept at prioritizing tasks and working for multiple departments concurrently
  • Possesses superior skills in Excel, databases, and learning new software programs
  • Thrives in a fast-paced, high-volume work environment
  • Collaborative worker who trusts the expertise of fellow departments
  • Ability to solve problems involving several options in situations
  • Manages time, projects, and deadlines efficiently and independently
  • Has reliable transportation and can travel outside Houston city limits

description of package

  • Compensation structure and benefit packages offered are candidate dependent and will be outlined in the interview process.
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