At our core, our team is flexible, ambitious, collaborative, and efficient. We strive to make every interaction embody these values. We want to produce exceptional events for our clients, and that’s achieved time and again by having an organized, adaptable team. Only the best work for AFE, so we can be our best for you!


Events are fun, but let’s face it – they can also be wasteful. We do our best to mitigate the waste so we can party responsibly.
Here are some ways we make a positive impact:


We compost all food waste from our prep kitchen as well as events at The Revaire.
Our local partner, Moonshot Compost, helps us to responsibly dispose of over 2,000 pounds of food scraps each month!


We source food products from over 15 local vendors, supporting our community and cutting down on emissions.


Our 58,000 square foot facility is supplied with a variable refrigerant flow HVAC system, so only spaces being utilized receive heating and cooling.
This minimizes wasted energy from cooling off a large, empty space.

We have energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the building, as well as motion-controlled lights in our warehouse to conserve energy when it’s not in use.

Our venue bathrooms are equipped with motion-sensor water faucets, which control both water flow and temperature.
This means we don’t use extra energy to heat or cool the water, and it prevents wasted water and drips.


We invest in reusable containers for our office, kitchen, and warehouse to cut out single-use products.

We also have a “no Styrofoam or plastic straw” policy.

In the office, we additionally cut back on paper waste by printing double-sided and relying on digital event files.


We recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum at our offices and venue.